Food Vendor Application

Please submit the interactive application below or click here to download a mail in application pdf that includes the Town of Yarmouth Health Department permit application, the Yarmouth Fire Department’s permit application and also the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavit. The Town of Yarmouth Health Department permit, Yarmouth Fire Department’s permit and Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavit applications are all required and cannot be completed online. Click here to download our complete packet with each of these applications

NEW VENDORS: You will need to email Rhonda or submit our contact form prior to sending your application to discuss menu items you would like to bring.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Health Office at 508-398-2231 ex. 1241, or the Fire Department at 508-398-2212. If you have questions in regards to the Festival, email Rhonda.

Interactive food vendor application

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    I understand that additional forms must be filled out and agree to submit them as needed (click here to download the complete application form.) If my application is approved I agree to take all trash to the dumpsters and not leave anything on the field. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed beneath this form. *required

    Terms and conditions

    “This privilege is accepted on the condition that all business conducted under the same shall be conducted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the rules and regulations established by the Yarmouth Seaside Festival Committee, and in case of any violation of said laws, rules or regulations and particularly Chapter 128 of the general laws of the Commonwealth and the purchaser is prevented from doing business by the State Police or any other duly Constituted Authority, purchaser already been paid, and upon such violation agrees to immediately surrender the grounds or space occupied under this permit and cease doing business, and in consideration of the granting of this permit the purchaser hereby releases, exonerates and discharges the above named Yarmouth Seaside Festival, its committee, and the Town of Yarmouth of any and all liability for any loss or damage which said purchaser may suffer or sustain either in property damage or personal injuries while on the grounds of the said Festival, and the said purchaser, by the acceptance of this Permit and in consideration of the granting thereof, covenants and agrees to assume and does hereby assume any and all risk respecting himself, his agents, servants and employees and his or their property, including all injuries, losses or damages sustained by any or all of them while on said grounds; and further, said Purchaser covenants and agrees to assume and does hereby assume all liability and responsibility for all injuries and damages sustained by other persons or firms as a result of negligence and for wrong doing of himself or his agents, servants or employees, or by reason of the distribution of any improper or defective equipment used or the manner in which the same is used, or by reason of distribution of an unwholesome or unfit food or beverages on the grounds, or by reason of any act or mission where liability therefore occurs; and further the Purchaser covenants and agrees to pay all damages, losses and expenses occurring by reason of the foregoing and to hold said Yarmouth Seaside Festival, its committee, the Town of Yarmouth, or the Bridgewater State University harmless and free there from; and the Purchaser does hereby further covenant and agree to provide suitable and satisfactory casualty or liability insurance for the benefit of himself and said Corporation covering his responsibility and liability hereunder and also for the possession and use of all propane gas or other gas on the grounds with minimum coverage limits of $100,000/$300,000 for personal injuries and for property damage, along with this application and before entering upon said grounds under this permit, and that failure to do so shall effect cancellation of said Permit.” Further, “This contract shall be void of no effect unless the party of the second part shall require compensation for the benefit of and keep insured during the life of this contract such employees (whether under contract of the party of the second part or an independent or subcontractor) as are required to be covered by the Provisions of the Workman’s Compensation Law.”
    You must submit an insurance rider or a copy of your liability insurance certificate with this permit request. You MUST apply for a food service permit from the Town of Yarmouth Board of Health (508-398-2231 ex 1241) before submitting this application (deadline September 1. Per order of the Fire Department a 20 pound fire extinguisher (any combination thereof) must be present at each booth with cooking facilities. They will do an inspection.